Rene’ Holly Klein finds inspiration in nature and urban life, though she also shoots portraits and products.

Her interest in photography began with a Christmas gift of a small 110 point-and-shoot in the mid-1980s, then blossomed on the high school newspaper and yearbook staff where she was also a darkroom technician. She set photography aside for a number of years in her 20s while she worked in restaurants and offices to make ends meet, often working two jobs. Chronic pain and the subsequent diagnosis of an autoimmune disease at 30 left her unable to work, but with too much time on her hands, and she started taking photos again in 2005. Several friends’ encouragement later, she began studying effective composition and shooting more regularly to improve her skills while creating a long-term plan to supplement and eventually replace her disability income with sales of her photos.

She’s recently added digital scrapbooking design to her hobbies, though creating scrapbooks has been an interest for nearly a decade. For now, Rene’ is sharing her creations here on this site only.

Born and raised in the upper Midwest, she has made her home in eastern Tennessee since late 2009. Rolling foothills and misty mountain mornings encourage her to capture the beauty of nature, while the proximity of Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Atlanta fills her need for urban settings.