4 thoughts on “Holly Wolf Scraps

  1. First of all, THANK You for your contribution to the Pixel Scrap June 2015 Blog Train for London! Love all the goodies! I also love the two templates you created for the England Blog Train. Unfortunately, I do not use Adobe Photoshop. I use a program called Storybook Creator Plus. Are you templates available in .png format? If so, may I have them for both templates, so I can pull them into Storybook and utilize your templates. Thank you!

    1. I haven’t yet sorted out a good way to save them in PNG/300. Photoshop’s inbuilt uses 72 dpi instead, and that’s just not acceptable. If I can find one, I’ll add PNG exports to the lists.

      1. You can save higher res png’s when you use “Save for Web” option in photoshop.

        1. I thought that was limited to 72dpi (standard screen resolution). I may have to see if I can tweak the settings and make that work!

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